The NIFC is a new business environment established to make it easier and more attractive to invest and conduct financial services and related activities in Kenya. It offers a thriving and dynamic environment to enable firms to flourish and builds on the existing Kenyan legal and institutional framework.

The NIFC Authority will facilitate companies to set up operations within the NIFC, including obtaining the required regulatory licences and work permits from the relevant Authorities.

Eligibility: Any firm that carries out Qualified Activities is eligible to apply for an NIFC certificate which will be granted upon meeting the relevant requirements.
Regulated Activities: Firms that carry out regulated activities will require the appropriate licence from the relevant regulator and will need to comply with relevant sector legislation. The NIFC Authority will specify any additional reporting obligations and standards that are applicable.
Non-Regulated Activities: Firms carrying out non-regulated activities in the NIFC will need to comply with the specified standards and reporting obligations set out by the NIFC Authority.

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