Board Of Directors

The NIFC Authority board is made up of seasoned specialists with significant experience across both local and international markets. It is composed of members that represent both the public and private sectors.


The NIFC Authority management team is comprised of professionals with widespread experience across the financial services and professional services sectors.

The Steering Council

The Steering Council, chaired by the President of the Republic of Kenya, provides a critical mechanism to ensure a whole-of-government approach to the development of the NIFC. It reviews the progress of the Centre, provide direction and address challenges in the development of the Centre and the financial services sector in Kenya.

  • President

    Republic of Kenya and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces

  • Deputy President

    Republic of Kenya

  • Cabinet Secretary

    The National Treasury and Planning

  • The Attorney General

    Republic of Kenya

  • Governor

    Central Bank of Kenya

  • Chief Executive Officer

    Capital Markets Authority

  • Chief Executive Officer

    Insurance Regulatory Authority

  • Chief Executive Officer

    Retirement Benefits Authority

  • Chairperson

    Nairobi International Financial Centre Authority

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