The NIFC Authority is committed to ensuring the NIFC operating environment is both efficient and globally competitive. Some of the key elements of the operating environment include:

Business Facilitation Services: NIFC Firms will have access to the business facilitation services offered by the NIFC Authority such as fast-track work permit issuance and immigration services, tax administration services and business registration services.

Guarantees: NIFC firms shall

  • Not be subject to any nationalization or expropriation measures or any restrictions onprivate ownership.
  • Have the freedom to repatriate profits and realize investments.
  • Have the freedom to recruit and employ staff of their choice on such terms as they wish to agree, subject to work permit provisions and any international treaty obligations entered into by the Government in respect of terms of employment of employees.
  • Be capable of being owned up to 100% by persons that are not nationals of, or resident in, Kenya.

Incentives: Additional incentives may be available for strategic priority activities earmarked for growth and development such as green finance and fintech. They will be made available over time. Get in touch with us in order to be advised if any such incentives are currently available.

Reporting Obligations: NIFC firms will be required to submit reports as specified, as part of their on-going obligations.

Arbitration & Mediation: NIFC firms will have access to alternative dispute resolution mechanisms supported and administered by the Nairobi Centre for International Arbitration (NCIA).

Fees: The NIFC Authority charges fees for certificate renewal and some business facilitation services.
Community: Nairobi has a dynamic and diverse financial ecosystem and good track record as a continental innovation hub which creates a unique community to connect and grow with.

The NIFC Authority is available to assist and provide the necessary support to ensure the process of setting up and operating in the NIFC is transparent and efficient. Get in touch to learn more about what the NIFC has to offer.

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