Africa's Growth Capital

A new business environment

Nairobi is home to East Africa's leading financial hub, providing an efficient gateway for investors and businesses to access 54 African countries, 1.3 billion people and a combined GDP of $3.4 trillion.

The Nairobi International Financial Centre has been established to attract responsible, ambitious businesses to Nairobi and provide them with the conditions to flourish in Kenya and in the region. The Centre offers a progressive legal and regulatory framework, competitive operating environment, a vibrant financial ecosystem and the opportunity to live in one of Africa's most exciting cities. NIFC firms benefit from efficient doing-business facilitation services provided through the Authority and a dedicated dispute resolution process, including cost effective and expedicious arbitration process.

The Africa Opportunity

  • Kenya

    Global innovation hub: Kenya is home to 315 fintech startups attracted by the high level of financial inclusion in the country and robust regulatory environment.

  • Tanzania

    Headquarters of the East African Community: The EAC is the most integrated trading bloc in Africa. Since the launch of the Common Market Protocol in 2010, trade between the EAC countries has increased 61% from US$3.72billion to US$5.98 billion in 2018.

  • Botswana

    Headquarters of the South African Development Community: Foreign direct investment to SADC increased from US$236million in 2017 to UD$ 5.7 billion in 2019.

  • Nigeria

    Headquarters of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS): The West African bloc is comprised of approximately 400 million people that benefit from freedom of movement and economic integration.

NIFC's Competitive edge

  • Quick business set-up, a stable operating environment and a predictable fiscal and regulatory framework match evolving corporate needs and international standards.
  • Collaboration between local and international players and attracting green finance prioritised to foster innovation and enable sustainable growth.
  • Dynamic and diverse financial ecosystem and status as a continental innovation hub create a unique community to connect and grow with.
  • Nairobi's tech infrastructure provides flexible working solutions for agile businesses to thrive in a post-pandemic world.
  • Kenya's rich culture, world class tourism, vibrant entrepreneurial spirit and access to robust health and education systems create a lifestyle few places can emulate.

Our Objectives

  • icon showing KICC

    Create an efficient and predictable operating framework for firms and investors in Kenya

  • map of Africa with a pin on Nairobi

    Deepen local and regional capital markets and create a gateway to the continent's burgeoning opportunities

  • world map with waves coming out of Kenya to the rest of Africa

    Position Nairobi as a globally competitive financial services centre, catalyse sustainable development in Kenya and contribute to Africa's economic transformation

Target Sectors

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the NIFC launch?

The NIFC operating framework is almost complete and we will be open for business very soon. The official launch of the NIFC is set to take place in Q4 2021

Who can set up a business in the NIFC?

Both local and international companies can apply. The NIFC certificate will be granted to any company that meets NIFC's strategic fit test. The Authority will provide a checklist of the required documentation and upon receipt will review and process all applications.

Will international companies that set up in the NIFC receive preferential treatment compared to Kenyan companies?

No. All NIFC firms, whether International or Kenyan will receive the same tax treatment. The NIFC will offer incentives that encourage firms to export financial services from Kenya to countries across Africa.

Do businesses have to have a physical presence in the Centre?

An NIFC firm can set up anywhere providing that it has a certificate from the NIFC Authority. The NIFC will focus on the development of an environmentally sustainable flagship location leveraging the latest innovation and technology for those looking to build a physical presence in Nairobi.

Why is the focus on the financial services sector?

Availability of capital and financing for all sectors of the economy is key for their growth and expansion. Hence given the catalytic effect the financial services sector has on the wider economy, dedicated effort to attract capital will help improve access and reduce the cost of capital available to business in the various economic sectors resulting in increased economic activity.

Will the financial services sector develop without the NIFC?

Yes, it will. But at a much slower rate. The NIFC will accelerate the development of the financial services sector in Kenya. We believe the NIFC will be crucial for Kenya to keep pace with other IFCs in Africa and beyond.

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